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Phoenix limousines have come a long way in the past decade. Previously, Phoenix limousines mainly consisted of traditional limos and stretch limos. With today’s technology and new automobiles being introduced to the market every year, Phoenix limousines are now flashier than ever. This leaves traditional limos still available, but not used as often as they were ten years ago. Most people, who choose to use a Phoenix limousine, do so because they want to make a statement. The same statement traditional limousines made in the past are not the same statement they make today. Prestige can not be shown with traditional limousines the way it can now be shown with other Phoenix limousine models.

Angel wing limousines are one of the new styles of limos that people often seek. These stretch limos are generally white or black and consist of Lamborghini-type doors that open more vertically than horizontally. With the introduction of these angel wing doors, the look of limousines has definitely changed. This type of Phoenix limousine is most generally found at weddings, black tie events, and red carpet occasions. Being similar in many ways to the traditional limo, Angel wing limos exude a feeling of class and sophistication.

Lim-Bus-Sines are yet another drastic change to the Phoenix limousine scene. While Lim-Bus-Sines still look like a bus, they do have the classy, sleek, limousine color and look you would expect. The interiors, of course, are anything but bus like. Decked out with 50” flat screen televisions, 2000 watt stereos, and DVD / VHS capabilities, these extravagant Lim-Bus-Sines can hold up to 24 passengers. With their larger size and grander accommodations, the Lim-Bus-Sines are excellent for tours or transporting larger crowds in the same automobile.

SUV-style stretch limousines have taken the world by storm in the past few years. From Hummer limousines, to PT Cruiser limousines, to Excursion limousines, these Phoenix limousine companies have you covered. These new wave limos come inclusive with party-like interior atmospheres, complete with lights, bars, and televisions. Proms, music awards, and some weddings are a common place to find these flashy Phoenix limousines.

With social events such as weddings, proms, red carpet events, and various other soirées, Phoenix limousines will continue to be in demand. The options for Phoenix limousines range from traditional and classy, to modern and chic, depending on what event you need a limo for or what kind of statement you would like to make. Phoenix limousine companies also offer options where you can tour Arizona and see the sights in style. You can also opt to spend a night out on the town in one of these elegant automobiles.

Whatever type of event you choose to use a Phoenix limousine for, you’re sure to make an impression. With so many types and styles of limos now available, you can even choose what you want that impression to be. The sophistication and air of prestige that come with Phoenix limousines is something you can’t help but feel when you arrive at your destination in one. Enjoy entering your next soiree straight out of a stylish Phoenix limousine.

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